The international study center called “Centro Studi Scientifici La Marcigliana” (CSSLM) has been spreading scientific, literary and technological knowledge for over 12 years. The CSSLM hosts events and activities that convey different cultural opportunities in order to share discoveries and innovations, bringing together those who study and those who work and transforming intuitions into concrete actions.

The purpose of the CSSLM is scientific dissemination through meetings, insights and reflections, enhanced by the presence of a large audience of experts who offer the opportunity to discuss topics of great relevance and scientific and social value.

The CSSLM took its first steps already in 2006-2007 by hosting a series of meetings on current topics by a well-known journalist and science writer. These events, held at the CSSLM, were aimed at bringing together groups of friends —in a country house surrounded by greenery—to analyze and discuss topics of health, science, and bioethics, in a spirit of informal exchange that could be used as a starting point for new projects.

Since 2006, the CSSLM has also hosted several editions of one of the most prestigious international neonatology conferences, “Current issues on the Nutrition of the Preterm Infant”. These events, organized by Prof. Vittorio Vigi, have over the years attracted world-renowned neonatologists.

In 2010 the CSSLM was the site of a series of meetings on the ‘Progetto Arcipelago’, a multidisciplinary group for the study and treatment of pathologies of the pelvic floor.

In the following years the CSSLM became a point of reference for many scientific organizations, which chose it as a location for conventions and representative events; general practitioners and young researchers SIGENP (Italian Society of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Pediatric Nutrition) hold several meetings and training courses here.

The Centro Studi Scientifici La Marcigliana offers, in a unique location, an opportunity for scientific, cultural and technological discussions, with the aim of promoting the debate on the most current issues and future scenarios of medicine 4.0, the new challenge that will be the subject of the next meetings that will be organized.




Scientific Manager: Dr. Diana Diofebi
e-mail: segreteriascientifica@csslm.org

Organization office:
e-mail: segreteriaorganizzativa@csslm.org